A guide to the various visual aspects of this site and the presentation of Dook as an identity.

Personal Flag

a square flag with grey on top, pink on the bottom and white circle in the middle

The flag, which features as the favicon for, serves as a cartographic representation of my aesthetic and philosophies. The design and colourscheme were chosen for their visual synergy, rather than having any distinct meaning.


various abstract shapes on a canvas

The central core to the visual identity of, Pieces serve as an abstract yvess method of communication to the viewer. In place of a logo or mascot, Pieces fill in the gaps of visual iconography on the site.


A set of colours from black to white

This site follows a strict colourscheme for content. With black and white being for text and important elements, set tones of grey taken in steps of 5 on the luminance Value scale in HSV. There are some exceptions to be found, for example the hex value #ffaaaa seen in the flag is used in the menu icon as well as the 404 page. A lighter dark tone is used for the backdrop of tag in order to lessen eye strain.


an abstract image of a person looking upwards

The self portrait used for profile pictures on websites. Came from an art project where I combined the same 2 images 100 times with different blending layers to create different results. Also seen on the about page.