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My productivity has been hampered the past few weeks by illness, but I’ve slowly started to get back into my projects by improving my website. Shaved off a few hundred Mbs with favicon and other image optimisations, which I’m really happy with. I’ve also started to look for a new home server on Mastodon, my current server is shutting down for a 2 month rebuild and restart so I took it as a signal to finally find somewhere better. This time I want to find a place less general, that matches my interests as well as political beliefs etc.


Without even realising it, I went on a bit of an internet detox this weekend. My phone’s gone almost 50 hours on a single charge, which is pretty good. I spent most of the weekend between working on some new design projects and watching the wildlife in our garden. It’s really become a sanctuary for so many different kinds of species, I even found a threatened leaf-cutter bee building a nest which was amazing to watch. I’m somewhat reluctant to return to social media yet, I think I’ll keep riding this wave for a while longer.


Had some really hot weather today, spent most of the day in and out between the garden and my laptop. Started work designing a typeface for pebble watches based on their icon style. Looking to convert it into a watchface soon.


I’ve gotten interested this week in propagating seeds from wildflowers in our garden. There’s a beautiful pink poppy with massive seed pods, as well as a bunch of bluebells that I’d love to spread to other places. I was considering drying and saving the seed, following this guide from realseeds, however I don’t think there’s much reason to in this situation.


Felt inspired to create a short form journal for the site after seeing some people on Mastodon doing the same. Excited to write more in it, hopefully this will also encourage me to update the site more! :3

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