Origami is the art of folding paper into various forms and objects. There are many different kinds of Origami other than traditional folding including modular designs like the Kusudamas, wet folding which allows creative sculpting, or even weaving with strip folding.

An Origami Firework

The beautiful Origami Firework was the first design I ever made. Following a video tutorial, I struggled immensely to complete it but having no one to turn was an incredibly liberating experience as a teenager and the satisfaction of finishing it is something I still remember. The design is by Yami Yamauchi, and the diagrams can be found on Yami’s Corner.

Over the years, I have also designed several Origami creations of my own which you can see at the Origami Designs page.

Origami Bracelets

∙ Origami Bracelets (Inna Creates’ Design)

An Origami kusudama ball

∙ An ornate Sonobe 30 Kusudama.

A pink Origami kusudama ball with a tassel

∙ A decorative Kusudama with a tassel and crane.