Pico-8 Games List

Pico-8 is a fantasy console for playing and making smol games. There has been a vibrant community surrounding the system for years, and some fantastic games have been produced during that time. This list is a compiled collection of my personal favourites, and games I consider to be some of the best on the system.

Time Wasters

These games a short and quick to play, but an absolute blast whenever you want to waste some time or just chill!

⬩ Combo Pool by Nusan - I’ve sunk more hours into Combo Pool than any other Pico-8 game. Beautifully simple pool-style game that’s an absolute joy to play over and over again.

⬩ Succer by Reload - An adorable little Football (soccer) game that I can never seem to get enough of. Pick a team and score some goals!

⬩ Marballs & Marballs 2 by Lucatron - A fantastic Marble Madness clone with some really fun levels. The sequel builds upon the original even more, adding a lot more to the gameplay.

⬩ Tetyis  by Spaz48 - What would a list of games be without a tetris clone? This one is a really well polished game, with lovely visuals and effects to boot!

⬩ Cyclo 8  by Nusan - Another fun game from Nusan. Cyclo 8 is a physics bike game, controlling the provides a great challenge and despite only having 7 levels, there’s lots of time to spent in it.

⬩ Cave Runners!  by Spaz48 - A challenge, yet forgiving platforming game: Get to the objective as fast as you can. Best feature is no death or damage, letting you focus on having fun!

⬩ Picopolis  by Jeb - A Simcity demake / idle game where you build up and manage a city to make money and continue the flow.

Cream of the Crop

  The best of the best on the system, from ingenious card games to fantastic stories. There’s lots to be found here!

⬩ High Stakes  by Spaz48 - An incredible concept that creates brilliantly engaging gameplay. Sort of like minesweeper, flip cards while avoiding the one Vampire card that will end the round for you.

⬩ Invader Overload  by MorningToast - This is hands down the best Invaders game I’ve played. Great aesthetics, powerup system and boss battles. Definitely a highlight of Pico-8

⬩ Celeste  by Noel - The poster child of the entire system, not much has to be said for Celeste. An enjoyable platformer with a great mix of challenge and fun.

⬩ Dank Tombs  by Krajzeg - One of the most polished games made on the system. Dank Tombs is a great mix of dungeon crawling, puzzles and platforming reminiscent of the Zelda series.

⬩ Dusk Child  by SophieHoulden - A brilliant, story-driven platformer. One of the first big games for the system. Still holds up after all that’s changed with Pico-8.

⬩ Terra  by cubee - Terra is a feature rich demake of Terraria. I still can’t get over how they fit it in a Pico-8 cart. *Note - requires mouse controls to play.

⬩ DragonDot 3  by NMcCoy - An Action-Adventure game which brings it’s own creative twists to the genre. This game will hook and draw you in with it’s great depth and power-up system.

⬩ The Lost Night  by arlefreak - A gorgeous RPG from the Amano games duo, Mario and Joven. You’re guaranteed to have a great time playing this gem.

Arcade Games

Fast paced, score based games.

⬩ We Missed You!  by Rhys - A top down, gta1 style arcade delivery game. Race across town to delivery parcels as time ticks down. Don’t forget to raise your score by hitting cars!

⬩ Pico Racer  by Spaz48 - A classic for Pico-8, an outrun style racer that provides a great challenge while looking great.

⬩ Pico Driller  by johanp - Demake of Mr.Driller for the gameboy. Well polished, and fast paced. An all round fun time!

⬩ Sewers of d’Oh!  by Ultrabrite - An endless breakout clone with it’s own flair and fun to be had.

⬩ Pullfrog  by arlefreak - Pullfrog’s concept is both creative and yet so simple. Tetris in a sense, yet you control the blocks thru a wonderful little frog. I love him.

Pic ’n Mix

A mix of different titles that deserve a mention too!

⬩ NEMO&⬩ NEMO Puzzle Pack II  by Mooon - Polished, level-rich Picross games to chill and relax to. Highly recommend.

⬩ DeFacto  by NuSan - An automated factory game like factorio. Great time sink for anyone who enjoys the strategy of games like these.

⬩ UFO Swamp Odyssey  by paranoidcactus - A short metroidvania style platformer. Search the junk yard to find a way to escape.

⬩ FUZ  by Jusiv - A tiny adventure based on FEZ. A brilliant homage, with great fun to be had.

⬩ Hungry Harry 3D  by paloblancogames - A 3D platformer for Pico-8. Yes you read that right. Get to the end of each level while eating along the way.

⬩ Golf Sunday  by johanp - Tiny, chill golf game made for the LowResJam 2021.