Adwaitapod is a modern and feature-rich theme for iPod Video models running Rockbox. The theme uses the principles of Gnome’s Adwaita design language, and aims to be a complete and pleasing experience for users.

a music player screen playing TV Girl
The music player screen.



 Extras available via the Github Repo include:


 All images are an SVG recreation of how the theme looks. For screenshots of the theme running on hardware, see the Rockbox Themes page.

The main menu, with a mini-player playing Her's
Main screen with the Miniplayer.

The lockscreen, playing music by Kojaque
The Lockscreen.

The FM Radio screen, playing Today FM
The FM Radio Player.

Recording screen, showing the file format, frequency and time elapsed
The Custom Recording screen.


 Credit to the GNOME Project for the adwaita icons used in this theme, as well to the authors of the Cantarell Typeface Font.