Tiny-TV Jam

a game with a small computer running a cookie clicker game

Tiny-TV Jam ran for a week in January 2017. The goal of the jam was to make a small game that fit within the 10x11 resolution of the TV in the pico-8 cart provided. I entered the jam almost by accident, having no programming knowledge, I had messed around with the cart and designed a detailed recreation of a Macintosh 128k pc. I decided to make a game, Tiny Cookie Clicker, and the jam provided some great design challenges. There wasn’t enough space for full size numbers, so I had to come up with a 2x3 number font. This was achieved using two colours. The game can only count to 60 as I was unable to work out a proper display system, and instead resorted to hand coding every number.

numbers zero to ten from my sprite font
The 2x3 font for Tiny Cookie Clicker

Game Maker’s Toolkit Jam 2019 (Only One)

A progress bar with directions, and a small playable character it controls

Game Maker’s Toolkit jams always have interesting briefs every year that force you to think outside the box of what games can be. In 2019 the brief was simply “Only One”. Coming up with a concept for it was challenging, but I quickly had one. In “Z” players use the [Z] Key to move their character around the screen. When the button is held, a progress bar fills up at the top of the screen. Your player will move depending on where you let go as it fills up, the directions noted on their respective quarters. I felt this concept best fit a turn-based roguelike, adding an interesting twist to each turn. Sadly I ran out of time and didn’t manage to finish any proper game functions besides the movement demo.