Rebble Weather Icons

The task

Inspired by the Pebble revival project, Rebble and their unique aesthetic inspired by the original series of icons developed by Heydays design for pebble, I set out to make my own weather icons to use in projects on the watches in the future. While I took inspiration to make them familiar to users, I also sought to give them their own flair and personality.

Many various icons for apps, weather and watch functions
The original Pebble icons, designed by Heydays.

Rain, Snow and Clouds

Different kinds of weather icons on a purple background. Example, snow, rain etc.

The weather icons with clouds proved challenging at times, being limited to 3 angles (flat, 1:1 and 1:2) meant the shape was very limited in terms of originality and looking good. Eventually I took a cloud icon another person called Lavender made for the project, and jazzed it up making it more fluffy and rounder overall. There were many different prototypes designed before I landed on the final shape.

8 variations of the cloud icon
Prototyping the cloud shape.

Sunny Day

A cartoonish sun with rays coming off it on a yellow background

One goal I had with the sunny day icon was to make it ashe original being more sharp in angles, using a simple octagon. The rays on the original are far nicer in my opinion, however I feel the rays on my design also fit well with the whole concept. The shape of the central ball took several prototypes trying different ideas to pick the right one. On real hardware, the ball is more square with rounded corners.

3 circle like shapes with variations
The ball prototypes.