About Me

D00k.net is my personal playground on the web. It’s a record of art, work and learning that is constantly evolving over time. Built around a philosophy that good design on the web doesn’t need to be bottleneck.

My name is Evan, however I go by Dook online. I’m a designer who is constantly pushing themselves to learn new things. While I currently study Product Design, in my personal time I teach myself programming, sustainability and much more. I love music, and am always seeking for something new to listen to.

Gif of surrealist images of evan

Where to find me

⬩ Mastodon: Dook@post.lurk.org
⬩ Pixelfed: Dook@pixelfed.social
⬩ Instagram: @__d00k
⬩ Contact me: contact@d00k.net

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