About Me

  D00k.net is my personal playground for design, photography and knowledge. It serves as a digital record of a journey of learning, about computers, about the world and everything in-between!

  My name is Evan, however I go by Dook online. I spend a lot of time developing my photography techniques and capturing places in an interesting light. I love the smol web and computing, as well as rejuvenating old hardware with new design. Currently, I am studying Product Design and teaching myself sustainability, permaculture and programming in the background.

Gif of surrealist images of evan

Where to find me

⬩ Mastodon: Dook@post.lurk.org
⬩ Pixelfed: Dook@pixelfed.social
⬩ Instagram: @__d00k
⬩ Contact me: contact@d00k.net

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