Part web journal, part blog. Used from time to time.


Year Review 2023

Taking a look back over the past year and everything I’ve done and enjoyed.

Re-designing my site, one more time

A breakdown and reflection of the new changes made to the site, and a look at the technical and design improvements.

Celebrating a Year of

After a year of, I take a look back at how the site has changed, and what’s to come.

A Look Inside Themify

A technical dive into the workings of my customisable iPod theme, Themify.


Year Review 2022

Breaking down 2022, my favourite things and projects completed.

Leaving Spotify for Freer Pastures

How and why I’m moving my listening activities away from streaming platforms.

Extreme Web Optimizations, without Compromising Style

A tear-down of the web optimizations I developed while putting this site together.


Year Review 2021

A breakdown review of how my year went, and my goals for next year.