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Welcome to the Wiki, a collection of information I’ve gathered, stored in many different ways. Here you’ll find collections of links, guides, text posts and so on. Information is organised as best I can using sections by topic. However if you’re looking for something specific, consider using the search engine below

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Rockbox Theming

Since 2022, I’ve been creating themes for Rockbox devices. Throughout my numerous projects for the system, I’ve learned many things about how the theming engine works and how best to use it. Below I’ve accumulated much of my knowledge into various guides and pages for others. The beginner’s guide is the first of it’s kind to attempt to give users a complete understanding of making themes, and the advanced section covers topics not properly documented elsewhere.

Rockbox Theming for Beginners

A guide for those looking to learn how to make their own Rockbox themes, starts from the basics and ends with a complete theme.

Advanced Guides & Information

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Linux Wiki

Various guides and links for Linux computing topics and using different command line applications. Always being updated.

Command Line Guides

ImageMagick Guide

Explaining Commands and various tricks for the image editing tool.

PDF Utilities

How to create, combine, add indexes, pull and add pages and more with PDFs in the command line.


How to use SFTP to transfer files & SSH to connect to devices via the command line.

Linux Bookmarks

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Nature Wiki

Bee Encyclopedia

An Encyclopedia of various Bees I’ve spotted, and photographed.

Seed Harvesting

A record of harvesting seeds, when to pick and how I store them.

Other Topics

Nature Bookmarks

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Design Wiki

An organised collection for various Design resources.

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Font Resources

Using open source fonts in your design projects can allow you much more freedom over what you create and how you can distribute. Open source font licenses typically allow you to use, modify and distribute fonts freely. This can be massively helpful in usage on the web, where modifying your fonts to be smaller provides many benefits. Below are some lists of fonts, as well as some recommended tools for use modifying fonts.

Font Foundaries

Groups creating free, open source fonts.

Font Collections

Collections of open source fonts. Some feature fonts exclusively made by Womxn or non-binary/post-binary folk. Use & Modify is my highest recommendation for any designer out there, a beautiful curation of open source fonts by Raphaël Bastide.

A note on using Google Fonts

My list doesn’t include Google Fonts because I no longer recommend using the site for obtaining fonts. All fonts featured and available there are open-source, however I don’t believe Google’s motivations are in good faith. The most prevalent way to use Google Fonts involves directly linking your site to Google’s font api so you don’t need to download or load fonts from a file. If you do this, your site is instantly hosting google tracking and analytics, so much to the point that people have been prosecuted for not making users aware of this (it’s likely the prosecuted people weren’t even aware themselves).

So instead of using Google Fonts, I implore people to consider checking out and supporting the Font Foundaries themselves, whose fonts populate Google Fonts.

Font Tools

Modify and preparing fonts can be essential part of a project. Many tools target web usecases, where decreasing the size of a font can reduce load times massively. While these tools tend to be fairly hands off, some tools like FontForge can be used in situations where more fine-tuned modifications is required. Glyphhanger is a highly recommended tool, allowing you to automatically crawl your website and create perfectly sub-setted fonts based on the content.

Misc. Font-related Resources

Fonts in Use is a great aesthetic resource for inspiration using fonts.

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Aesthetic Resources

Colour, inspiration and assorted tools for aesthetic design.

Learning Sources

Colour Tools


Mario Bellini's TCV 250 for Olivetti

Inspiration Sources

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Design Library

The Design Library is a collection of recommended reads, a mixture of essays, blog posts and websites. Many of these have shaped how I view design, and it’s various components.


User Experience

Industry Reviews

Personal and overall reviews of the industry.

The Web

Essays, articles and blog posts reviewing the state of the Internet

Misc Topics

Various wikis and collections of information for learning about certain topics and things


Articles on decline, collapse and designing for resilience. Covers but Permaculture and Permacomputing.

Magazines and blogs

Online Magazines and blogs, some focused and others less so.

Links for academic liberation

Saw this first on Pixel’s site.

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Web Wiki

All about the web. oming soon will be guides on building and designing small websites, pages on stuff like RSS, IRC and more.

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Crafts Wiki

Wiki for various crafts and skills.


Origami is the art of folding paper into various forms and objects. There are many different kinds of Origami other than traditional folding, including modular designs like the Kusudamas, wet folding which allows creative sculpting, or even weaving with strip folding.

an origami firework

The beautiful Origami Firework was the first design I ever made. Following a video tutorial, I struggled immensely to complete it but having no one to turn was an incredibly liberating experience as a teenager and the satisfaction of finishing it is something I still remember. The design is by Yami Yamauchi, and the diagrams can be found on Yami’s Corner.

Over the years, I have also designed several Origami creations of my own which you can see at the Origami Designs page below.

Origami Design

Original Origami designs I have designed over the years.

Interesting Links