Autumn Update

It’s a crazy couple of months for me, but I finally found some time to tend to the website. First thing I did was get to finalising it’s design, the way it had been before was overly garish and pretty difficult to look at on some pages, the new style is far better in this regard. I also took the time to go absolutely overboard on optimising every possible thing I could, making each pretty tiny for what it is, I made a writeup on everything I did here.

I also managed to find a new home on mastodon during this time at Lurk! It’s a great community. A few new projects have been started as well; an accessible version of my ipod them after some user feedback, as well as a book for other people looking into making their own themes. Currently everything I’m doing is building up for my portfolio to switch colleges with next year, so I’m gonna be busy for the the next few months!