January Update

Happy new year! I’ve decided this year to use my short journal as a more detailed monthly record. This month was largely focused on my college application. I’m attempting to return to college in September, switching institutions as I do so to be closer to home. This requires a whole new application, portfolio etc which I spent most of this month handling. In my off time I put a decent amount of work into my website, solidifying parts of the website that have been disjointed up until now. I also started a Linux Wiki of various cheatsheets I’ve written over the past year. These were received quite well, and I hope this knowledge will help others learn too. Lastly, this month I was shortlisted and exhibited in The Photographer’s Gallery’s Small File Photo Festival. I’m very proud of this exhibition, combining two of my interests: Photography and Image Compression. I’m hoping this year I’ll be able to move about more and take photos again.