February Update

Spent the first week of this month completing my portfolio for college entry, but in-between made some big improvements to the site. I simplified the inline links style to be far more visible than they were before, which also led to my stand-alone font for links becoming unnecessary. Getting rid of it has made my home page even smaller now, to just over 30kb.

After that, I began to work on a new iPod theme called Themify. I made it mostly to showcase some features of Rockbox I found that would let users fully customise the UI’s colourscheme. The beta was shared on my Ko-Fi here, and some people have shown support which has been really nice. At the same time, I’ve been working on a commission I received to port a previous Rockbox theme of mine to a touch-screen device which has been a lot of fun.

This month I also started learning a few different programming languages including Uxntal, Python and bits of GTK for making a desktop app. I started learning Uxntal after getting an idea for a virtual pet synthesizer in a dream, so far compudanzas’ uxn book has been extremely useful and makes uxn appear quite inviting, even as a relative beginner with programming. On the other hand GTK has been a nightmare to figure out, but I seem to make progress in big leaps at once. It’s been quite enjoyable working on apps and software that I want or need.

Hopefully by the end of March I should have an update with a bunch of finished projects!