March Update

I think this month has been one of my most productive in a really long time! A good chunk of time was spent completing and releasing my latest UI theme for Rockbox, Themify. It’s so far been received incredibly well, and has even reached my own goal of using design to convince people to use old devices.

Once I finished Themify, I set my eyes on the original UI theme I made called adwaitapod, based on GNOME’s design principals. I decided to remake it entirely from scratch, since I’d learned so much in the last year that it was just easier to rewrite it all. This time I approached everything much smarter, the new version is about 65% smaller while having new features and performing much better. I just need to focus on some font issues in the github repo, fix a few bugs and work on the dark theme and then I can release it to the world!

Alongside everything else, I was approached recently to design an original user interface for a project. I’ve spent some time creating an icon set, which I plan to open source soon, as well as brainstorming other parts of the interface. I haven’t had a chance yet to design on a proper scale like this, so it’s been very exciting and interesting having free reign as the sole designer on this part.

Lastly, my website turned a year old in March! I put together a blog post where I discussed how the site came to be, as well as the changes it went through during the year. I also took the last paragraph to think about where I want to website to go next, something I hope to work on really soon!

That’s all for now, I have another 2 weeks to cram some projects in before I need to finish my final portfolio for college entry. Once that’s done I plan on taking a break for the rest of the month to refresh and get ready for the rest of the year. Till then! - Dook.