3 ipods with different screens beside a logo


Originally created in 2022, adwaitapod is a modern and feature-rich Ui theme for the iPod classic (5th generation onwards). Built using Rockbox, the theme is designed using the Gnome foundation’s Adwaita design language. Adwaitapod is built with an aim to create a pleasing, predictable user experience, alongside customisation capabilities that allows users to tweak the theme to their taste.

A gif showing the various screens of adwaitapod

Adwaitapod is currently the most advanced use of Rockbox’s theming system, with many unique features like a redesigned Recording screen, custom user-friendly selection menus, and the first fully-custom quick settings screen.

The theme also features the best optimisations of images for Rockbox themes, both with some of the best image compression possible, as well as optimisations in how images are rendered.

A lot of attention was put into i18n and a11y with recent updates. Using Rockbox’s exposed translations function, as much of the Ui as possible has been able to be translated. This allows 43 of Rockbox’s choosable languages to be supported. Alongside translations, an accessibility pack is available for users with vision problems, making text larger and using higher contrast icons. These features have been added thanks to feedback from users across the globe.

Since version 3.0, a simplified version of the theme has been available. This includes a new music player that provides users with a simple interface, as well as more spacious menus. Both the classic and simplified themes can be customised further using a downloadable wallpaper pack, with 8 different wallapers which can be installed.


The project is best installed using the Rockbox Utility app, however you can manually install adwaitapod as well as the extras by downloading them from Github.


 Credit to the GNOME Project for the adwaita icons used in this theme, as well to the authors of the Cantarell Typeface Font.